Omer 90 Type Stapler 9-32mm 90.32 / 15-40mm 90.38

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This supremely high quality, professional pneumatic tool will take staples with lengths of 9 mm to 32 mm or 15-40mm. It features a rubber handle for comfort and to provide a stable grip though usage. The Omer 90 Type Stapler is also lightweight and easy to handle, meaning it is effective at reaching every crevice and surface, and that it is east to operate for extended periods of time. Omer tools are produced to the highest standard, and their exceptional build quality means that they are extremely reliable and easy to maintain, which also means that the repair, servicing and upkeep costs will be minimal.

Applications: furniture and cabinets assembly, door and window casings, timming, moldings, decking and home insulation, hardwood floors, vinyl and aluminiumsiding, upholstery spring attachment, production of wood shingles, drawers, casebacks and lattices.

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9-32mm, 15-40mm

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