92 Type Staples

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  • Made to the highest standard in Italy, by the high-quality brand Omer
  • Suitable for many applications such as cabinet making, flooring and hardboarding etc
  • As these staples are galvanised and resistant to corrosion, they are also ideal for outdoor applications like garden furniture construction, fencing, constructing aviaries, rabbit hutches and trellis etc.,
  • The galvanised finish is exceptionally important as the life of the 92 type staples is therefore vastly prolonged
  • Most other brands are not galvanised and are therefore inferior in specification and longevity.
  • Most indoor uses also require a galvanised finish, for example these 20 type staples are often used in flooring applications such as holding down thin ply and hardboard prior to laying a floor covering such as carpet or laminate

Applications: furniture and cabinet assembly, door and window casings, trimming, mouldings, flooring and home insulation, hardwood floors, vinyl and aluminium sidings, upholstery, spring attachment, wood shingles, drawers, case backs, trellis, aviaries, rabbit hutches etc.

Box quantity: 10000

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